ICT Policy Support Programme

The ICT PSP aims to stimulate innovation and competitiveness and accelerate the development of a sustainable, competitive, innovative and inclusive information society. It supports activities to accelerate innovation and implementation of ICT based services and systems through the wider uptake and best use of ICT and the exploitation of digital content by citizens, governments and businesses.

The programme will facilitate the development of lead markets for innovative ICT-based solutions notably in areas of public interest and will open a wide range of new business opportunities in particular for innovative SMEs.
The ICT PSP addresses technology and non technology innovation that has moved beyond final research demonstration phase. The ICT PSP does not support research activities, although it may cover when needed technical adaptation and integration work in order to achieve the target objectives.
Community funding aims specifically at:
·         Stimulating the wider deployment and best use of innovative ICT-based solutions
·         Facilitating the coordination and implementation of actions for developing the information society across the Member States
 Support goes mainly to:
  • Pilot actions for wide scale testing of innovative services with a pan-European dimension
  • Thematic networks for policy coordination and consensus building, preparing for future actions
  • Studies and events including policy analysis, benchmarking, and promotion activities
The total funding budget for 2010 is roughly €107 million. For the theme “ICT for energy efficiency and smart mobility” €19 million has been reserved. 
The 2010 Work Programme has been formally approved; the 4th call is open as of the 21st of January until the 1st of June 2010