WP1: Social Acceptance of Offshore Wind Energy
As offshore wind farms (OWF) are spreading throughout Europe and the rest of the world social acceptance has become recognized as a crucial barrier for the successful implementation of wind energy both on land and offshore. Opinion polls from countries in the North Sea Region (NSR) indicate high acceptance towards wind energy, but still now and then there are reports on resistance to the roll out of the technology. Thus, social acceptance is a key issue for reaching the ambitious national and international targets set for offshore wind energy and for the further development of the offshore wind industry in the NSR.
WP1 will try to address the issue of social acceptance of offshore wind energy through creating awareness, organising activities and highlighting both pros and cons targeting;
  • The broad public
  • Politicians and administrators and
  • Market stakeholders

A series of activities to raise the awareness towards OWE throughout the NSR will be jointly developed and implemented. A special focus is the creation of transnational networks of local authorities, OWE test facilities, science centres and tourism stakeholders. WP1 also aims at presenting general information on OWE to the broad public by exhibition activities and via the project website.

Moreover the specific WP1 objectives are:
  • Bringing offshore wind energy communities together in an informal network in order to exchange experiences and best practises and to foster future cooperation
  • Enhancing cooperative structures between offshore wind test fields and information centres
  • Establishing a “Joint online information site” as part of project website communicating environmental, political, social aspects of the offshore wind technology to the broad public
  • Developing and launching an offshore wind energy information campaign consisting of a mini exhibition and a touring exhibition on a boat visiting approximately 15 ports
For further details please contact: acceptance@power-cluster.net