Overall objective
The POWER cluster partnership wants to tackle crucial challenges for the further roll out of offshore wind technology in Northern Europe by cooperating beyond borderlines and sector barriers. Furthermore the POWER cluster project seeks to develop cooperation between individual countries in order to take advantage of future growth in offshore wind and identifying future markets.
The overall project aims at implementing a transnational offshore wind energy cluster in the North Sea region. In that respect the POWER cluster project will contribute to insure that the North Sea Region remains world leading in offshore wind energy.
The POWER cluster partnership builds on the previous POWER (Pushing Offshore Wind Energy Regions) project. The partnership is therefore able to draw on a huge range of expertise – not only in offshore wind energy, but also in oil and gas and other related marine sectors.
This will allow POWER cluster to develop comprehensive approaches to meet the strategic challenges of the offshore wind energy industry in the North Sea Region and make the region a better place to live, work and invest in.