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Energy Industry Classification Update

“Offshore Oil & Gas Regional Information Gap Analysis”, a study produced by Douglas-Westwood Ltd (DWL) for DTI in January 2004, showed there to be a considerable variation in the amount and quality of information available on the energy industry both in the regions and indeed the UK as a whole. Work undertaken through the POWER project showed that this was also a wider European problem.
One specific problem that was identified was a lack of comparable information on companies active within the energy industry, the business sectors they specialise in and their geographic distribution. Therefore, it is difficult to determine with any accuracy the economic importance of the energy industry to regions and communities.
In seeking to capture the full range of company capabilities serving each and every industry, countries have a coding system, but they generally lack the level of detail to fully reflect the specific competencies of the supply chain to the energy industry.
Thus in February 2009, as part of POWER cluster, it was judged that the POWER Catalogue of Energy Industry Classifications should be reviewed and updated where necessary, if benefits in doing this can be found and proven. Reviewing the classifications will include focus on ensuring the offshore wind sector, which has developed significantly in the last four years, is sufficiently represented. The classification work should consider future developments within the sector and be capable of supporting these.
The framework created will act as a means of facilitating the identification of specific capabilities of companies servicing one or more sectors and enable the effective segmentation of the industry through the creation of three independent, relational datasets, structured as a keyword listing.
Please find below the ‘pragmatic’ system designed to work in conjunction with Mapergy – a web based mapping tool. It is vital the technical delivery of this framework continues to facilitate a user friendly system which is both meaningful and manageable for the end user. The POWER cluster consortium is currently working on expanding the Mapergy tool to cover all the POWER cluster regions.