1.2 Bringing together Offshore Wind Communities

As the offshore wind technology is spreading throughout the NSR more communities are affected by and can potentially benefit from OWE. This activity aims at bringing together private and public representatives from NSR OWE communities for knowledge/experience exchange and match making, and to foster new innovative cooperation.

To explore the possibilities the expansion of offshore wind offers local communities, Deutsche WindGuard, on behalf of the POWER cluster project partners The Senator for Environment, Construction, Transport and European Affairs in Bremen and the German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation, is organising a German Offshore Wind Mayors Conference in Bremerhaven on April 11-12.

See the conference invitation here (only in German)

See conference programme here (only in German)

Social Acceptance - Offshore Wind Power

POWER cluster partner Öckerö municipality has issued a report on the standpoint and actions of various general stakeholders, decision-makers, municipalities and entrepreneurs with regard to the three established wind farm projects Lillgrund in Öresund, Utgrunden in Kalmarsund, Scroby Sands on the English east coast and a planned project, Stora Pölsan in Öckerö municipality. The report is intended to provide an insight into the sentiments, and understanding of the risks and opportunities, of the local actors involved in the various projects.

Read the report here